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  Yinwei food machinery Co.Ltd started in 1988,locating in Jieyang city,which is Guangdong economy strong city.Depending on the regional environment being richly endowed by nature and its advantages,Yinwei food machinery Co.Ltd created one brilliance after another with its Brilliant history of 26 years,having won the "Guangdong Province famous trademark","Guangdong Province of private technology enterprise" and other honorary title.Continuously optimizing of the integration of resources over years,market-oriented, relying on scientific and technological innovation,Yinwei food machinery manufacturing integrates advanced science and technology level of Europe,the United States and other developed countries,to guide the development of new products of advanced concepts.The brand scale,the ability of research and development,human resource and product quality management of Yin Wei have formed the unique advantage in the same industry in china. Yin Wei wil strive for the new and old customers to provide more high quality,more high-tech products.Yin Wei,revitalizing the national machinery manufacturing as its mission,is bound to create a more brilliant future.

  All the time,Yin Wei people adhering to the "high-quality products and high-quality service to build up strong brand vitality" purpose,focus on technology development,the introduction of advanced technology,constantly training technical personnel,having a keen eye for detail, researching and exploring in the field,to ensure product quality and constantly update and follow international standards,finally meeting  the needs of the market.People,go beyond due to the pursuit,and go adead due to going beyond,when "the pursuit of unlimited" becomes a faith, dream will begin to realize.Hardworking,persistent Yin Wei people,will take 26 years of glory, to continuously work hard with zero mentality.Actively facing the intense market competition,with increasingly sophisticated in baking equipment,Yin Wei creates a strong brand vitality.Implementing the jump of promoting the brand and enterprise scale,to stride forward the internationalization of the modern enterprise.


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