YW-XLXPY-(250-480)Type E injection machine
This machine is the new products of our independent research and development for the cookies fuel injection on top and bottom surface ,to make the biscuit surface oily sheen and taste more crisp and delicious . Using slinger, equipped with oil mist recovery system, can both uniformly inject and reduce oil dirt.
YW-XBL-(250-480)Type E baked peeling machine
Used for baking and peeling off the biscuit, and transfer to other equipment. can make the biscuit reasonably cooled ,before entering the fuel injection machine and make the part of the biscuit out of the chip
YW-XZRDL-(250-480)Type Etunnel type electric oven
The tunnel type electric oven uses electricity as the baking energy source, and uses the far infrared quartz heating tube to heat, which has high energy efficiency, long service life and simple maintenance. It surports intelligent automatic temperature control system and high quality voltage regulating module, to ensure constant temperature. Box body structure, pie billet expansion area, biscuit dewatering forming area, cake blank color area. Aluminum silicate fiber cotton heat insulation layer has good insulation, fast heating , energy saved and environmental protection. Cookies baked taste good, and the color is uniform ,lively and beautiful.

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