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Biscuit sandwich machine how to maintain?
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Today is the era of machinery, many of the products can not be separated from machinery. There are simple, ordinary, precision machinery, but no matter what kind of machinery, long time use and not often maintenance, the machine is more prone to failure. And the clamping scheming, biscuit sandwich machine, bread and scheming and so on is no exception, to regularly to the cookie holder scheming, bread and scheming for cleaning and maintenance operation and so on. Here is a little bit about the maintenance operation and attention.

By wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment method of biscuits clip scheming to care and to maintain and protect biscuit sandwich scheming performance and technical conditions, known as biscuit sandwich machine maintenance. Biscuit sandwich machine maintenance maintenance requirements of the main four:

(1) clean biscuit sandwich machine inside and outside the clean and the sliding surface, a screw rod, a rack, a gear box, oil hole and no oil, no leakage of the various parts, do not leak, biscuit sandwich scheming around the chip, debris, dirt to clean;

(2) the neat tools, accessories, work pieces (products) shall be placed neatly, piping and wiring shall be organized;

(3) good lubrication regular refueling or oil, oil constantly, stemless phenomena of friction, oil pressure is normal, bright standard oil, the oil flow, oil to meet the requirements, the gun, a cup, linoleum clean;

(4) security compliance rules for safe operation, do not overload use biscuit sandwich machine, biscuit sandwich safety protection device for scheming, complete and reliable, in a timely manner to eliminate unsafe factors.

Biscuit sandwich machine maintenance including routine maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and check of the accuracy, biscuit sandwich scheming of the lubrication and cooling system maintenance is biscuit sandwich machine maintenance of a important content.

Biscuit sandwich machine daily maintenance is the basic work of crackers maintenance efforts, must be institutionalized and standardized. The biscuit sandwich machine, regular maintenance work to make work quota and quota of materials consumption, and according to the quota assessment, biscuit sandwich machine regular maintenance maintenance work should be included in the workshop contracted responsibility system of assessment content. Biscuit sandwich machine regularly check is a planned preventive check, check means except the human senses, but also certain inspection tools and instruments, according to regularly check card, regular inspection with people also known as periodic inspection. The mechanical biscuit sandwich machine should be carried out to determine the accuracy of inspection, the extent of the actual accuracy of biscuit sandwich machine.

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