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Food packaging machinery industry, "China opportunity"
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At present, the development of advanced packaging machinery in the world has been showing a trend of integration of machine, electricity, gas, liquid, light, magnetism, life as one body. The production of high efficiency, energy saving and energy saving, high and new technology has become a trend, which also should be the mainstream of China's packaging machinery industry development direction.

PMMI optimistic about China's food packaging machinery market.

American Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (PMMI) chief representative in China Bian Nanjie in Chengdu this year rum will attend during the international machinery technology exchange forum and the speaker.

Bian Nanjie introduced in an interview said that the association has been working to build the United States, Canada Industry Enterprises and Chinese communication and cooperation, the special group in rum, is based on the importance of the Chinese market. He told reporters, according to the association's survey analysis, the next few years.

Asia Pacific region will become the world's major food packaging machinery market, in which China will be the largest market; only on the packaging, the future of China's demand will be more than 237000000000 per year, the high-end food machinery demand will steadily rise, is absolutely the international food packaging machinery industry, China opportunity".

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