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Food machinery development present situation
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Food industry is a pillar industry of China's national economy, food machinery is the industry to provide equipment for the food industry. China food machinery industry began in the 20th century 50's at the beginning of the founding of new China, mainly in the 1980s after the reform and opening up, relying on its own strength from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, from low to high, self-made a process of gradual development and growth, and improve together, up to now has gone through nearly 60 years of glorious history of the development. Especially in the "eight five" during the introduction, digestion, absorption and the design and manufacture of a domestic and international advanced level of new products have hundreds of. "Eight five" period, the Ministry of machinery industry proposed the development of the industry's six major trends, focusing on the development of 6 sets of equipment, 5 years of a total of 1000000000 yuan to complete the transformation of special investment. China's packaging and food machinery industry association and the China packaging and food machinery industry association and the China packaging and food machinery industry in the 80's of the twentieth Century, expand the foreign exchange, hold the China International Food processing and packaging machinery exhibition every year, which has attracted many exhibitors, and promoted the development of new products.

After entering the 2000, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food and the quality of the food is gradually increased, which provides a broad development space for the food machinery industry.

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